Fakhar Zaman’s Instagram Account Was Hacked Posting Dirty Content That Shocked The Followers!

Fakhar Zaman has been in the news recently over the knee injury that made him sit out the ongoing pre-season conditioning camp after being advised one-week rest according to a press release issued by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). For the time being the cricketer won’t be joining any cricket match until the healing is complete. But another news that shocked his fans and followers was the recent activity on his personal Instagram account.

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Apparently, Fakhar started posting explicit content on Instagram.

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Lucky for him, everyone figured that his account has been hacked, including Lala himself who instantly tweeted tagging Instagram notifying them.

He Tweeted, Hi @instagram the insta account of Pakistan National pride & cricket player, Fakhar Zaman has been hacked. His insta account is FakharZaman719 and its verified. A lot of people look up to him. Can you please look into this and help him in getting it back? Many thanks!

All of Fakhar’s pictures were deleted and replaced with pictures of random women posing seductively. LOL.


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The hacker clearly played around and there was some crazy activity that went on his Instagram. First, his account went up on sale and the name was changed to some Art gallery, then some girl was seen doing a live video and then the entire account started to direct everyone to a Russian model’s insta account @fabrike_fitonyashek. Pakistani cricketers have been making in the news for all the wrong reasons. Shaheen Afridi was gripped in a harassment scandal that definitely hurt the team collectively and now Fakhar’s Instagram account fiasco; there seems to be no stopping to all this.

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Whatever is happening here.

When the Russian model phase came on to Fakhar’s account, everyone naturally predicted a group of Russian hackers to be behind this. The account then went private after all the pictures were deleted.

Pakistani were definitely amused for a while but soon they all started tweeting to Instagram to fix this problem. It is, after all, Pakistan’s opener account and this was definitely unacceptable.

It is STILL hacked.

Guess it is not the first time.

The account remains hacked and this is definitely a growing concern. Everyone needs to take cybersecurity seriously including the prominent personalities that cannot afford personal or compromising data to be released for the world to see or worse used for blackmail. Hackers with advancing technologies have progressed in their techniques and tactics. This does not bore good news and everyone should practice maximum caution.

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