Meet Fakeera – The Man Highlighting Social Issues With A Comic Twist

fakeera social issues

We recently came across a Twitter handle with the name Fakeera. This Pakistani man has been highlighting some serious social issues in a sarcastic manner. His videos are funny and entertaining as well as thought-provoking. He uses his #Fakeeracalling to raise such issues with the rest of Pakistan.

Most recently, he trolled Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda for his press conference against the Sindh government.

Vawda in his press conference lashed out at the Sindh government for their inefficient performance to tackle coronavirus crisis. He also said that if they [Pakistan People’s Party] are finding it difficult to handle the situation they can tell them to handle it.

He also said that instead of making efforts to deal with the pandemic, the chief minister and his cabinet is sitting in air-conditioned rooms and taking inappropriate decisions.

Sindh government has been working with all their resources to tackle the increasing coronavirus cases in the province. Vawda’s statement does not come in good taste. Fakeera took a funny jab at him saying that the PTI minister for the first time ever came forward to address the issue and scared the hell out of corona. He said only Vawda can eliminate coronavirus from Sindh.

Well, we can’t agree more. What has the federal government done to contain the coronavirus? Sindh government has been so far the most efficient in the country to tackle the situation.

On the lighter note, Vawda had been part of controversy several times [remember his boot stunt?]. Fakeera has trolled Vadwa in the past too for his dressing sense.

Fakeera trolls PM Imran Khan’s relief fund

Few days back, he also questioned PM Imran Khan’s fund donation program and the launch of ‘Corona Tiger force’.

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This blogger has raised many issues like democracy, domestic violence, sugar crisis and many more. We are glad to see common Pakistanis making efforts to highlight important societal issues. The youth is the future of Pakistan!

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