Pakistani Publication Posts Fake Rameez Raja Tweet On Front Page And It Is Absolutely Embarrassing!

When it comes to printing quotes and commentary, it is the basic diligence of any publication to do a thorough background check and make sure they do not jump into conclusions pertaining to excitement. Basic mistakes can come out as very embarrassing not just for the particular publication, but the whole media of the country.

You might remember that a few days back, Shahid Afridi had tweeted about the Indian atrocities being committed in Indian Occupied Kashmir (Jammu). The tweet, which went viral, became food and supplies for the Indian media, where they did not leave a single opportunity to slate the former Pakistan captain, linking him with the security agencies of the country.


However, in retaliation to the Indian media’s antics, a fake account of Ramiz Raja, the former Pakistani cricketer and current commentator, started doing rounds on the internet. It said: “Why to waste an atomic bomb on India when you have Shahid Afridi who can roast 1.2 billion people with a single tweet. LOOOL”

As funny as the tweet seemed to us Pakistanis, one publication of the country took it too far, and posted it on the front page of their newspaper. Now, many would say that they did so on purpose, but the fact remains, no publication would risk such a thing.. and the end product is extremely embarrassing.

Even though under the tweet, it is mentioned that the tweet is from Ramiz Raja’s “satire account”, the fact remains that it was given so much importance and space, where it shouldn’t have. The tweet, even though funny, again, is triggering. In an age where thousands of people are dying at the hands of war, to promote nuclear war, that too by a renowned publication, is a step in the wrong direction.

Furthermore, after printing the tweet on the newspaper’s masthead, the Daily Times went on and tweeted the news, tagging Ramiz Raja’s real account. As soon as he took note of the incident, he made sure to give out a statement, which proved it wasn’t him, but a fake account.

People have not taken very kindly to the Daily Times’ masthead, and have labeled their act as one of sensationalism and Yellow Journalism. Some even went to extents calling it the end of the newspaper.

As sad as it is, we would love to know your opinion on the ordeal. Do you think it was right of the newspaper to highlight such a tweet, that too, from a fake account? Share with us.

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