Fake Peer Hammers Nail Into Pregnant Woman’s Head To Guarantee She Delivers A Boy

fake peer Hammers Nail Pregnant Woman

Peshawar police on Wednesday identified the pregnant woman whose head was hammered by a fake “peer” (spiritual healer) after she expressed the need for a male offspring due to her “husband’s desire” for one.

A woman turned up at a hospital on Tuesday with a nail hammered into her head, allegedly on the directions of a faith healer, in order to give birth to baby boy.

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Peshawar police chief Abbas Ahsan took notice after pictures of the woman went viral on social media and directed SP City Ateeq Shah to trace the victim and the “fake aamil“.

According to a tweet from the Twitter handle of the Peshawar CCPO, SSP Shah reached Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), where the woman was treated, and met with the hospital administration to go through the victim’s entry data.

“The process of identifying the victim from the CCTV footage as well as from the computer entry data is underway.”

On Thursday, CCPO Ahsan said that a special team had been constituted to “bring to justice the fake peer”.

Nail penetrated deep within the skull

Meanwhile, Dr. Haider Suleman, the resident neurosurgeon at LRH, said that the victim was bleeding when she was brought in and was given first aid before being taken to the operation theatre.

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“She said that a woman in her locality did the same [hammered a nail] and gave birth to a boy even though the ultrasound had shown her unborn child to be a girl,” the doctor said.

Dr. Suleman said that the nail had penetrated deep within the victim’s skull. “The family said that she was at home and became unconscious,” he said. He noted that attempts were also made to remove the nail from the patient’s head at her home.

“They tried to remove it at home, but could not,” he said, adding that doctors successfully removed it after operating on the patient.

Out of fear of husband

Speaking to a local media outlet, the hospital staff revealed that the victim was a mother to three daughters. Her husband had allegedly threatened to leave her if she gave birth to a fourth girl. She is three months pregnant and because of her husband’s fear she went to the faith healer.

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“The victim then returned home and hammered the nail in her head,” said staff. “She was discovered by family members after she screamed in pain and was shifted to the hospital.”

Staff also quoted the victim as saying that she would get an ultrasound done after some time to learn the gender of her child. Moreover, the police identified the woman on Wednesday. Her name is Baal Gul.

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