Fake Disinfectants Being Sold In Markets & Its An 'Apni Madad Aap' Situation Now

Fake Disinfectants Being Sold In Pakistan & Its An ‘Apni Madad Aap’ Situation Now

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As COVID-19 number of reported cases grow day by day people are being more drawn towards such products that will help them against the unforgiving viral disease.

Similarly, face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other preventional products were cleaned out from the markets by people and have since been out of stock. Unfortunately, some find this situation as a fast money-making business.

Fake Dettol being sold in supermarkets

A video was shared on twitter which shows that people are bottling fake Dettol at home. The video shared by Abdul Majid shows men sitting in their living room pouring a similar-looking liquid into Dettol bottles.

Similarly, news of fake hand sanitizers has also been circulating the net. People have been coming across duplicate products and have been complaining about them also.

Not only these products are a health hazard but they are also overpriced.

Overpriced fake hand sanitizers burn skin

A Twitter user recently tweeted out a horrible experience where they used fake hand sanitizer and unfortunately went a little to close to the burning stove.

In these horrible and uncertain circumstances, people are advised to buy such products with caution. These products are known to have a quantity of alcohol, and if added in excess can cause some serious damage to one’s health.

Moreover, it can be a wise decision to use homemade products. But not all DIY ways to make sanitizers aren’t genuine. Look for approved DIY recipes and help your family and loved ones fight this viral attack.


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