Somebody Made a Fake Account of French President Emmanuel Macron And It's Kinda Hilarious

Somebody Made a Fake Account of French President Emmanuel Macron And It’s Kinda Hilarious

So these past few days of the Naya Pakistan have been a bit too critical on Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party in power. All eyes on the promises made, Pakistanis, especially the opposing parties cannot get enough of looking closely into every detail there is.

The News of Imran Khan Not Talking to French President on Telephone Surfaced All Over the Social Media

According to Hamid Mir, French president Macron called Imran Khan while he was in a meeting with the journalists.

THIS Meeting

According to Hamid Mir, who was also at the meeting, Imran Khan asked his foreign secretary to inform the French president to call after 30 minutes.

Saad Rafique Jumped In this Tweet and Mentioned How No Foreign Politician Calls Without Prior Notice!

And Then Came the Jokes And Trolls

But Here’s the Biggest Joke – Someone Made a Fake Account of Emmanuel Macron And The Tweets Were Just Hilarious!

The account which has now been reported and removed, here’s what it tweeted:

People believed this account was real and started following it. Even Mubasher Lucman followed and RT this particular tweet of the fake account. Embarrassing.

But Someone Then Made a Fake Account of Imran Khan and Oh GOD!

And Then Here’s What ‘Donald Trump’ Tweeted

So anyway, all for laughs and all, but if the PM of Pakistan did schedule the call AND the meeting at the same time, one cannot help but notice how wrong that is.

Given then amount of news PTI and Imran Khan have been making lately, they surely need a spokesperson to clarify the things one at a time.

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