Police In Faisalabad Using ‘Taser Rods’ To Punish Civilians Without Face Masks

Faisalabad Police Now 'Shocks' Civilians Without Masks In Public

COVID-19 is a phenomenon not to be taken for granted. Unfortunately, many of us have been more than lenient when it comes to taking precautionary measures against the ongoing situation.

The government continues to advise people to follow the SOPs religiously. However, yet we see many citizens doing all but following them. Meanwhile, Faisalabad police have come up with a controversial yet effective way to ensure its implementation. The idea is to certainly to knock some sense into their minds

According to reports, Faisalabad police are now taser rods anyone seen without a face mask in public.

Police now ‘shocks’ people without face masks

Apparently, the ones who are being the most ‘shocked’ are motorcyclists, auto Rickshaw drivers, and civilians on foot.

According to Gulf News, people have been complaining about this insensitive initiative taken by the police.

“They are not even sparing the minors or those who are traveling with their families or with children on motorbikes or auto-rickshaws,” said Irshad, a resident of Ghulam Muhammadabaad.

According to another resident, people without masks are lined up against the wall and subjected to electric shock. Deputy commissioner police Muhammad Ali and special Superintendant police Ali Raza are supervising this operation against SOP violators, he added.

What happens when shocked by a taser rod

According to reports, the four most common effects one feels when they’re being tasered is: dazed for a few seconds, unsteady on their feet, a temporary tingling sensation, stressed (caused by pain).

The shock can also cause cardiac arrhythmia in healthy and susceptible subjects. It can lead to a heart attack (if not treated immediately) or sudden death in minutes.

Defense or offense?

According to international police policy, “Tasers may only be used to control a violent or potentially violent individual while minimizing the risk of serious injury.”

It is anticipated that the appropriate use of such a device will result in fewer serious injuries to officers and suspects.

However, using such violent weapons on civilians who do not pose any violent threat to society is quite a questionable and controversial situation.

Since people all over the world are protesting against police brutality, the question arises is the govt aware of such measures being taken or again civilian’s wellbeing is not a prime concern for the ones in power.

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