This ATM ‘Chor’ In Faisalabad Not Only Stole Cash But Also Made Hilarious Faces At The Camera!

The people of this country never fall short to amaze you. Until now, we have heard countless stories of robberies but nothing this peculiar. A robber with a funny bone, maybe?

This incident occurred at Faisalabad’s Katchery Bazaar. He didn’t steal cash the usual way, where you see a jittery and anxious man entering an ATM booth constantly peeking outside as they try to steal cash either from the machine or from a poor soul who was in the midst of retrieving cash. No, that is too mainstream for this one.

This fearless chor made funny faces at the cameras before splitting the machine in two.

He wasn’t even armed and took the chance to barge in and try to steal the ATM card of a man that got stuck in the machine. As the owner of that card left the booth to talk to the management of the bank, he came inside, locked the door and made funny faces at the surveillance camera, sticking his tongue out.

He didn’t stop there and made the same tongue-out face at the camera installed within the ATM machine as well and then proceeded to break the machine, stole the card and left. As if he was mocking the police knowing they won’t be able to track him down. Which is the case as for now.

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That’s how easy it was. Sources say that he also managed to withdraw around 64,000 rupees in cash. Apparently, it is a gang of robbers that hack these ATM machines that leave the card stuck for them to steal later on.

Faislabadis are in a state of distress as this gang continues to hack and steal while the authorities have not been able to do anything on this matter. The mocking done at the camera is proof of their confidence over the weak law and order system of Pakistan.

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