‘Phir Milenge’ – Faisal Kapadia Shares His Experience On Coke Studio’s Finale Track

The latest Coke Studio was epic, it has everything to offer and it brought something new for all the music lovers. Xulfi who made a big debut in the Coke Studio along with him so many other debutants joined him and created history.

From the first track to last, every song has its essence in short Xulfi created songs for every type of music lover this time. The last track of Coke Studio season 14 became special because it featured Young Stunners and Faisal Kapadia who performed solo after the split up.


‘Phir Milenge’ the last and final track of Coke Studio was exceptional with the combination of Young Stunners classic verses that hit you directly and the hall of fame voice of Faisal Kapadia that never gets old at all.

Faisal Kapadia even shared his experience while shooting this soothing track with outstanding art direction.

‘Phir Milenge’ Faisal Kapadia shares his precious experience

Faisal Kapadia who was part of Strings for the last 33 years, since they ended up in 2021 with the official announcement made by the band. Even before the release of the Phir Milenge, Kapadia revealed that his first time watching the final product gave him chills.

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During a live session, Faisal also shared that he had no other plans of starting a solo career after 33 years of being known as Strings alongside Bilal Maqsood. “We decided in March 2021 that Strings will end and honestly I had no idea to start my journey again and I was thinking okay, I’ve done music for 30 years so I’m just going to travel and do something else,” said Kapadia.

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The singer further added, “Then I get a call from Xulfi three months that he has a song for me. In my wildest imagination, I had no idea. But the conversation with him [Xulfi] just started and I got so inspired and it made me realize that Coke Studio season 1 started and I was a part of it as Strings. Moving forward came season 7 when we were part of the production and now season 14. If I’m getting an opportunity for a career again, then there’s something divine.”

‘This song is about memories’ – Xulfi

The maker of Coke Studio season 14, Xulfi who was initially overshadowed by the controversy went viral regarding the very first track Tu Jhoom where Nirmala Maghani accused Xulfi of using her melody in Tu Jhoom.

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But he didn’t stop and created amazing tracks. On Phir, Milenge Xulfi said, “‘Phir Milenge’ is a song about memories when someone has gone from your life but is still in your heart and soul. And where does the story end? On a new day, when we meet again.”

Another debutant, who joined Xulfi in creating some great music this season Associate producer Abdullah Siddiqui penned down final words after the release of the final track. ” I will never forget when I played the demo for “Phir Milenge” for @youngstunnersofficial for the first time.

@zulfiqarjkhan and I already knew at that point that this song was special and that it would be the one we end the season with. @talhahanjum and @talhahyunus had delivered what I honestly believe is some of their best work. The energy in that darkened room when those last few piano notes rang out was so utterly still and so heavy.

We all looked at each other, and we all knew this song meant a lot to all of us. And then a couple of months later, @faisalkapadia blessed it with his iconic voice, and emotionally supercharged it just when we thought it couldn’t get any more emotional.”

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Abdullah specifically mentioned that peaceful piano notes and darkness in the room made this song special which let the whole team feel it special. He also debuted in Coke Studio with Atif Aslam as well.

Twitter user’s love ‘Phir Milenge’

One of the users wrote, “This is the greatest season of coke studio because just when you think they can’t surprise you anymore, they drop a new masterpiece. “phir milenge” is a work of art.”

Another user wrote, “This season of coke studio Phir Milenge by Faisal Kapadia and Young Stunners Vintage x Modern Vibes at their best.”

Undoubtedly this season was full of surprises and new artists who lift the bar of the Coke Studio. This time the concept and idea of a traditional coke studio were different than usual.

Like other artists, Shae Gill is one of the promising and highlighting artists who grabbed a lot of attention for her marvelous duet with Ali Sethi “Pasoori”.

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