PM Khan Failed To Recognize Edhi’s Son While Taking Donation

Faisal Edhi meet Imran khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan recently took Rs 10 million as a donation from the Edhi Foundation. This became a piece of big news, inviting a lot of unwanted criticisms on Head of Edhi Foundation Faisal Edhi as well as on PM Khan. However, the interesting part is Khan didn’t even recognize the renowned Faisal Edhi while taking a big amount of donations from him.

This news came as a shock to us. Faisal Edhi appeared in an interview with a local news channel. He shared his experience meeting with the premiere. He said it was a very short five to ten-minute meeting where Khan didn’t even recognize him.

“We sat in his office for about five to six minutes. He didn’t recognize me nor spoke to me at all. PM took the donation and when I was about to leave someone [industrist] introduced me to him. He then said ‘oh you are Edhi’s son'” Faisal said.

Faisal also revealed that he only spoke to him for two minutes. He has asked PM Khan to grant his organization a tax relief in imports and also give them permission and legal rights to build the Edhi University.


Twitter disappointed over Imran Khan’s behavior

Twitter is also showing displeasure over Khan’s behavior towards Faisal Edhi. He is already facing the wrath of the netizens for taking the money from a charitable organization. Faisal Edhi is also being criticized by Edhi donors for donating their money to the ‘inefficient’ government.

Well, we are still amazed about how someone like Imran Khan who is running the entire country, can’t recognize a renowned Faisal Edhi. He took a big amount from him but didn’t even bother to talk or ask him for the introduction.


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