Abdul Sattar Edhi’s Son Faisal Edhi Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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Abdul Sattar Edhi’s son and philanthropist Faisal Edhi has contracted COVID-19 coronavirus. The Edhi chairperson had a test conducted the other day and his reports have come out positive.

Faisal Edhi is currently in Islamabad and has confirmed his test results. It is being reported that Faisal Edhi insisted on being tested due to his nature of work.

Edhi had been working with coronavirus patients on the ground for weeks, and upon results, the virus’s presence was confirmed. Soon, Edhi’s family will also be tested for COVID-19.

In the last week, Abdul Sattar Edhi had travelled to Lahore and from there on went to Islamabad. It was in Islamabad where he met Premier Imran Khan for the donation.

faisal edhi

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Faisal Edhi’s son Saad Edhi informed a news outlet that whoever had come in contact with his father would be tested for COVID-19. As per the reports, Edhi had no symptoms of the virus which makes it all the more dangerous.

Faisal Edhi also released a message. Asks humans around the world to not panic, everything will be fine.

Watch Faisal Edhi’s message

To get tested or not? PM ponders

It is now being believed that the PM has still not tested himself for COVID-19. PM’s focal person on COVID-19 Dr. Faisal Sultan said he would speak with the Premier. Then it would be up to the Prime Minister to get tested for the virus or not.

“I will speak with the Prime Minister. Keeping in mind the situation and what we know about the virus and how it is spread through contact, I will make recommendations,” said Dr. Faisal Sultan.

A thing of importance is that if God forbid, PM Khan does have coronavirus, it would be detrimental to how state machinery is moving right now. After UK Pm Boris Johnson contracted coronavirus, the UK’s stocks fell and hope for stability shook as well.

Only a couple of days back, Faisal Edhi had donated Rs. 1 crore to the PM Corona Relief Fund. The issue did spark some controversy, with donors’ complaints.

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