Fahad Mirza’s Convocation Video Will Make You Re-think Your Career Goals!

Fahad Mirza, the oh-so-handsome doctor and actor have always been an eye-candy for his female fans. He is a kamaal actor and on that, no one can have any doubts! Actor, plus a plastic surgeon, Fahad uploaded a video on his Instagram account of his convocation where he finally completed his FCPS and he’s standing along with his parents and wife, Sarwat Gilani.

He said:

“Today, I’m here with my family at my convocation of plastic surgery for the College of Physicians and Surgeons. And by the grace of God, I’m a fellow of plastic surgery. And I thank my mother, my wife and my father for getting me here.”

Fahad’s Instagram video of his convocation


Being an actor and a plastic surgeon is never easy. Fahad’s killer looks make him the best looking doctor ever! He has been practicing for quite a while now and now he has finally completed his degree. Woohoo!

He looks dapper in every attire. *_*

Who doesn’t know that Fahad is married to the renowned actor Sarwat Gilani?! And the couple is everyone’s favorite

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Some water fun in the day #AFA16

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Remember that time when Sajid Hassan, the famous actor, and writer posted about his hair transplant gone wrong? Well, he got his hair transplant done by a fellow surgeon but later, he fell severely ill and his scalp got infected. That was when Fahad, who was at that time a practicing surgeon, offered to help him.

Here’s the video that Fahad posted right before going in for the surgery!

We wish loads of success ahead of the couple and their family. May they both see more good days ahead. Do we have any Fahad and Sarwat fans here? Raise your hands in the comments below and let’s congratulate him on his big day! Cheer. 😉

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