Fahad Mirza is Having the Time of His Life on His 39th Birthday

Fahad Mirza is officially on a vacation with his beautiful wife Sarwat Gilani. They both are having a mid-year break from all the work in Sri-lanka. Fahad just graduated as a surgeon and is making everyone proud by pursuing two professions simultaneously and acing both at a time.

Fahad is a surgeon by profession and an actor by passion. It would be wrong to say that he’s surgeon just by profession because he’s putting all his heart in his hospital life. He even offered Sajid for his ruined surgery when went pretty bad but Fahad took over it and corrected it to good. Remember the time when he graduated as a surgeon? All his family and his wife were happy. So were his fans. Another milestone achieved.

This is Fahad’s 39th birthday!

And the couple is adorable!!

They both have an adorable daughter together. All this time the couple is seen climbing another leader of success and never stopping. May we get to see more of their success and happiness.

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