The Fading Culture Of Pakistan – Is The Need For A Green Passport Destroying Us?

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From the vibrant sharp colors to fading florals, the colors are a major part of our culture. From mountains of the Karakoram to the mighty ocean touching the glorious land of Sindh and Balochistan,  we felt the soul hidden with flesh that dance with Tambooro and folk music and we are known as the inhabitants of land which was called as a golden sparrow.

Pakistan is the land of dreamers and people who make those dreams come true. One of our new generation dreams is to get any nationality, but not Pakistani. Not surprising, though my dear readers, my fellows, and to the girls who are reading this article, don’t you want to become a part of the girls wearing kharha dupatta at your cousin’s wedding?

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Aren’t you the guy who is listening to songs and while having some idle minutes found this on and started to read my article? you don’t even remember how many times you have ordered biryani, and chicken tikka at the restaurant. Do you?

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The point of changing place is to obtain a better life, but if the cost of having a “better life” is to lose a part of you and yourself, is it okay with you? Are you going to flow with the wave and not even dare to stand out of the crowd with owning what is already yours?  because if you do anything “out of the mainstream” you will be called a “loser”, or  “he’s Pakistani, he must be a terrorist”?

If you want to change this nationality for the sake of having “good life,” I guarantee you, satisfaction will never be the queen of your heart. This is because if you get something you will also have to lose the other.

Those who have access to the benefits of material, they get the material and they think that they have everything. Instead, there is just Almighty Allah that matters in the end, if you have Allah you’ve got everything, if you don’t have Allah, you have nothing.

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The worst part of losing your identity is the loss of substratum to decide the control over right and wrong choices. Even according to the field of study of Economics, happiness is not related to money. Wants are unlimited so, even if you become a green card holder by marrying any Daniel or Sarah from America, it doesn’t guarantee you the peace of mind.

Besides, following rules is not “your thing” right?

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