Tech Giant Facebook To Support Pakistan’s Efforts In Eradicating Polio!

Facebook Pakistan Polio

Amidst the current progressing state of Pakistan, another big development came in recently regarding the poliovirus. Apparently, the country is fighting the deadly disease for so long now but the increasing numbers of the affected tell a different story. In order to fully eradicate the virus, American tech giant Facebook has recently endorsed Pakistan’s polio program.

Facebook to help Pakistan eradicate polio!

Certainly, to free Pakistan from polio, every citizen will have to play their part in ending the vicious propaganda. Unfortunately, the uncertain conditions earlier seemed like instead of Pakistan eradicating polio, polio might eradicate Pakistan. Well, to control the escalated situation, this week, Facebook landed in Pakistan to show its support in eradicating polio completely.

Facebook Pakistan Polio

The assurance came in after an official delegation from Facebook arrived in Pakistan to discuss the anti-polio program. According to local media reports, Facebook’s regional director for Southeast Asia Rafael Frankel led the foreign delegation. Raising awareness on the problem, Frankel with the officials met Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant on health Dr. Zafar Mirza.

”The government will soon make Pakistan a polio-free country!”

Aims of making Pakistan polio-free, the meeting revolved around the current and future strategies regarding the stance. Speaking on the meeting held, Dr. Zafar Mirza praised Facebook for its show of support in fighting the disease. Particularly, he stated, ”The government [PTI] will soon make Pakistan a polio-free country with the continued support of Facebook”.

Facebook Pakistan Polio


”The generous support to be provided by Facebook is instrumental in reaching out to parents and caregivers with accurate health information”, Mirza concluded. Moving on, Facebook’s regional director for Southeast Asia and emerging countries Rafael Frankel admired Pakistan’s long efforts in fighting the deadly disease.

Facebook’s Regional Director admires Pakistan’s efforts in fighting polio!

”We welcome this opportunity to visit Pakistan and admire the work that has been done by the polio program. We stand behind the national and global efforts to create a polio-free world and will continue to support these efforts”, Frankel expressed.

Facebook Pakistan Polio


Further, PM’s special assistant on health thanked Facebook for its initiative of blocking negative content on the anti-polio program. Apparently, back in 2019, the social media platform was filled with criticism content regarding Pakistan’s anti-polio program. Eventually, in the meetup, Dr. Zafar Mirza appreciated Facebook’s quick take on the widespread activity.

On the latest development, PM Imran Khan also emphasized the importance of the polio eradication program. Calling it the government’s top priority, Khan stressed that the government won’t let the virus affect the country’s future generation. Hopefully, the escalating dilemma of polio in Pakistan will be solved by the combined efforts of the government and Facebook.

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