Facebook Has Its Eyes Set On What You’re Doing And Even Mark Zuckerberg Is Hiding From It!

So, how many of you have experienced this creepy thing with Facebook when ads about random things that you have been talking about appear in your news feed? It could be so specific that you feel your mohalley ki aunty was running Facebook.

How do they know it really??  In the global village, nothing is private guys (not even your ‘Others’ inbox on Messenger), an innocent like, your private messenger chat or your conversations that your phone listens to every minute of the day. All information that you share about yourself is public no matter how many privacy settings you put up.

They really know what you need in life:

Like seriously, 

Shhhhh, they are listening:

It’s mentioned on the Facebook website, “We use your microphone to identify the things you’re listening to or watching,”  Whoa really??  Yes, you weren’t imagining things. They really are listening to you.

Why would you do that Facebook? Umm well, To sell your data to the advertisers.

Your private messenger chats are not that private too:

The gossip you share with your bestie or the pictures intended for your boyfriend is not that private either. They have been available for other sets of eyes too. Especially the links that you share through messenger.

They can play with your mind:

Facebook now has the power to change your mood just by tweaking your news feed. In a massive study conducted on 689, 003 people without them knowing, people whose feed were tweaked with positive content became happier and more positive in their personal lives.

They know what you like:

Okay, we all know to click on the “like” button is equal to declaring your love to the world. And if you are into using the emotions instead of the plain old thumbs up. Well, you just helped them collect more specific information about you.  But even if you don’t “like” a post. Facebook knows what you like, they use cookies to keep an eye on your browsing history.


Facebook keeps track of your pictures:

An Australian researcher has recently come up with a new theory on how Facebook spies on you. He says every picture that is uploaded on Facebook has to track information embedded in the code. And this doesn’t only let Facebook know who liked it, but if you download it and later use it somewhere, Facebook can track that too.

Flabbergasted? Same here.

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Even Mark Zuckerberg is hiding from them:

If you think they are just conspiracy theories, here’s a pictorial proof that even Mark Zuckerberg believes in them.

Need more evidence?

What do you think? Share your creepy incidents with Facebook in the comments.

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