This Facebook Group Is ‘Skipping The Rishta Aunty’ And Pakistanis Are Finding Their Soulmates Through It!

Are you an introvert? Are you tired of dating the wrong ones? Don’t want to get into the arrange marriage fiasco? Well, along with the advancing technology and obviously, the increasing demands of the ‘Rishta Party’, some people have taken up the burden to hook you up with the right match and it is intriguing. Keeping in check the proper guidelines and esteemed requirements, single Pakistanis are now taking a satisfying breath because finally there’s someone who cares for their empty lives.


“Skip The Rishta Aunty”, the ultimate solution of a lonely heart!

Where many groups on social media are busy exposing and breaking relations, this Facebook group has joined hands to match hearts. “Skip The Rishta Aunty” is a closed Facebook group which is helping Pakistanis find their better halves. So, if you are finding your soulmate and your luck ain’t supporting you, no worries, this group will do it for you.

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You just have to join the group if you fully fall under their requirements and just post your Facebook profile or a picture with proper details about you in the group. The interested candidates will comment on it which will allow both people to initiate the chat in between and that’s how both the parties will get a chance to know each other better. Later, if the feelings get mutual for each other, sending a Rishta won’t be hard.

These are the mandatory requirements to get accepted into the group:

1. You should not have strict privacy on your Facebook public profile.

2. Your display picture or a cover photo must be of yourself with your face visible in it.

3. You are seriously looking for a match and would post a profile (information) onto the group after becoming a member immediately.

But join the group on if you are serious about the matter if not, you can get blocked from it within 24 hours time.

One Heart Ceremonies

Here are the points which will need your attention before the group is joined:

1- Your Facebook profile picture or cover photo does not have your own picture, with your face visible in it.

2- You joined Facebook less than 5 years ago and you belong to more than 100 groups.

3- Your Facebook profile is not accessible to the admin team (data on FB profile are hidden due to strict privacy).

4- Your public photos do not have comments from your friends and family on them.

5- You don’t have your own real name or have initials, or abbreviations to hide your name (Bee zee, M kay, aRi Na, etc.).

6. You are unemployed and a student, financially dependent on someone else.

7. Your full name isn’t mentioned on your Facebook account.

8. Your minimum education is below 16 years.

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So, what are you waiting for? Search the group, join it and BOOM you’re married. Leave the old fashioned Rishta Aunty and nasty marriage bureaus behind and let yourself take cover of your choices. May the shadi force be with you!

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