Facebook, Govt Pakistan Join Hands To Educate People On Coronavirus

facebook pakistan coronavirus

The Coronavirus sustains its move of infecting whoever comes in its path. To prevent any further infections in Pakistan, the Facebook delegation join hands with the Ministry Of Health to educate the locals on how to take precautionary steps.

Facebook Delegation’s Agreement With The Ministry Of Health!

Recently on Thursday, The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza enlightened about the initiative. According to him, the Ministry Of Health would possibly launch an awareness campaign. The agenda of this campaign would be to pinnacle all the pertinent guidelines on how to protect and prevent any infections.

facebook pakistan coronavirus

source: theexpresstribune

Moreover, in this initiative, the Facebook delegation would also work collectively. In his interview to a private channel, Dr. Zafar Mirza enumerated that the public awareness campaign will be specifically for Pakistani users to combat the novel Coronavirus in Pakistan.

Furthermore, he encourages millions of locals to take notice of this campaign and support the concerned authorities by parting knowledge to those who are unaware. Additionally, he asserted that with the Facebook team on board, all kinds of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 will be removed sooner or later.

Nevertheless, Dr. Zafar Mirza has been educating Pakistani citizens on social media on how we as a whole nation can work on fighting any potential outspread.

Here is a screenshot of his recent tweets creating public awareness!

facebook pakistan coronavirus

source: twitter

Success Rate Of Fighting The Coronavirus!

Recent reports tell that one of the patients under quarantine achieved complete recovery. Shedding light on the matter, the officials say: “The patient was in isolation and treatment for the past 10 days. Moreover, he was tested three times. Besides that, the third test was done this (Friday) morning and it came out negative. After which the authorities claimed that he is clear.

As per sources, the other victims of Coronavirus in Pakistan are swiftly recovering. Nevertheless, the complete recovery of the patient in Karachi showcases that, people can surely recover from it. At such a time of turmoil and fear, his recovery is a blessing in disguise. Indeed, the news may give hope and positivity to many across Pakistan.

facebook pakistan coronavirus

source: thepakistanpost

In contrary to Pakistan, it is known that Thailand has also devised an effective way to fight the novel Coronavirus. According to their medical and health experts, they have come up with a medication that aids the patient in recovering. Subsequently, the medication is a drug cocktail with a combination of flu and HIV medications.

The Thai doctors tested the drug cocktail on a 70-year-old Chinese woman. Undoubtedly, the patient’s health started to improve greatly.

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