The FaceApp Is Making Everyone Old In A Pyara Way And The Internet Is Flooded With People’s ‘Buddhapa’!

Social media has a major influence on its users. Some are making a mark in the world through their talented minds, while others are busy changing their genders, becoming a baby self or these days its the ‘buddhapa’ craze. Since the start of this week, the internet is being flooded with everyone’s ‘future self’ pictures and its hilarious. The FaceApp has literally turned the filter game for many and people can’t get enough of it.

Let’s give you an overview of the application, the FaceApp is a Russian application created by the organization named Wireless Lab. The sole purpose of this app is to transform its user’s faces into highly realistic photographs. No idea why has the application suddenly became an obsession for the digital awaam throughout the world and it is quite awesome.

After the gender swap and baby filters by Snapchat, now FaceApp has taken the lead. Celebrities also jumped in the buddha brigade and their fans are loving it. As the World Cup season just ended, pictures of both the rival teams, Pakistan and India’s players turning old, caught severe attention over social media. Some celebrities from Pakistan Entertainment Industry and Bollywood were also received well by the audience as their uncanny transformation stunned everyone.

Ever wondered what the recent controversial celebrities of the country will regret when they go old? Well, there is a lot on their plates to regret to, now we are showing you what will they look like in their regret phase. Brace yourselves and appreciate the FaceApp for real-life transformations.

Here’s what Pakistan’s recent favorite couple will look like in their 70’s, maybe?

Sajal Aly:

Ahad Raza Mir:

How can we forget the ‘chummi’ couple? Enjoy their regret phase!

Iqra Aziz:

Yasir Hussain:

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Well, presenting you the bacha couple of Pakistan. Though there’s still time on them to get old, who knows?

Hania Amir:

Asim Azhar:

And finally, here’s the “papa ki pari” who should now be crowned as the “most be-izzat politician of all times!”

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN)’s leader, Maryam Nawaz:

Hopefully, this may have been a tiny reason to enjoy your dark lives, oops! At least now you won’t have to wait for your ‘favorite’ celebrities and ‘Maryam Nawaz’ to get old. You’re welcome!

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