This Recent Muslim Wedding Worth $5 Million Is Literally Making Everyone’s Jaw Drop!!

A dreamy, fairy-tale-like wedding is something we all wish to have. Don’t we? However, when reality hits you and your little bubble of fantasies bursts into tiny, little pieces, you realize how it is not possible for everyone to have an extravagant wedding. Talking about extravagance, you’ll be surprised to see what we just came across….

We know this is not the first extravagant wedding and many been witnessed in the past. Ever been to an Arab’s wedding? You gotta attend one – and trust me, those weddings are no less than a dream! Well, if we talk about Pakistan, many famous personalities have had extravagant weddings, but let’s say, nowhere near to what we’re about to show you! It is insane!

Curious?! Well, this video just surfaced the internet and it seems like it has caught everyone’s attention! Let’s have a look as to what made the wedding so EXTRAVAGANT…

The beautiful couple – Noor Buddi and Dari al-Wazzan <3

Facebook / Me & My Wedding

We’re totally digging the bride’s dress. *Holds jaw*

The couple is said to be from Kuwait, however, not much has been revealed about them…

Check out her stunning dress…Oh, and the CROWN!!! My goodness…

Facebook / Me & My Wedding

Do we spy diamonds on her dress? I guess we do!

Sit back tight and just have a look at the detailed video! WHOAA!!!!

The wedding sure seemed like fun-filled event and we are mesmerized by the magnificent decor as if scenes and stills from a fairytale have come to live! Oh my gosh! Did you see the ballerinas? Did you see the Disney performances? Did you see the nature corner with trees and plants as if you’re actually living inside a dream?

Let us know your thoughts on the wedding? Are you in favor of spending so much on a wedding as some claim it to be a one-time thing and that it has to be very special and memorable? Or, do you think one should spend less yet still have a decent wedding?


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