Extending Helping Hands During COVID-19 Pandemic

Extending Helping Hands During COVID-19 Pandemic


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In April 2020, Pakistan’s population was about 220.1 million, as per the Worldometer, with over 15,000 citizens infected with the coronavirus. However, the rising number of cases has not been as much of a worry as the number of daily wage earners who have been affected by the lockdown.

One-fourth of Pakistan’s population lives under the poverty line. Daily wagers account for 7 million of the total population. When the number of virus cases began rising and the governments took tough decisions, daily wagers had nowhere to go. They were left with no avenue from where to earn an income. Meanwhile, only the spirit of generosity of the Pakistani people worked in their favor.

Source: Detroitmetrotimes

Individuals, companies, and NGOs stepped up and participated in every way possible. Some offered products or services. Others offered their time or financial support. Amongst those that stepped up to the plate were Shan Foods. Having partnered with various organizations on a national level, the company distributed over 48,000 products. Its contributions helped sustain thousands of families in the country during the lockdown.

Through subsequent actions, in partnership with the UN Association of Pakistan, the company is supporting families in the country. Its products have helped ensure daily wagers are not hungry during these difficult times.

However, the magnitude of the issues that are rising from the current conditions cannot be battled alone. Many helping hands will continue to be required to help the country and its people come out of the COVID-19 crisis.


This article has been submitted by Fawad Khan.

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