This Girl Shares Her Experience Of Being Tested Positive For COVID-19!


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This article was originally submitted by Fatima Haider

It started from a normal cough which started from an allergy; which lasted for a month and made me weak from the inside and boom – COVID-19 hit me without even me knowing.

After a month when I got affected, without even knowing, the cough got worse with fever; for two to three minutes in a day, and not being able to sleep; due to the cough and having severe pain in my shoulder. It only hit us when one of my family members started coughing; too, and could not breathe properly and that’s when we decided to get tested; and guess who was positive. Me!

Yes, me, even after following all the SOPS and not even leaving the house but damn I had corona. I didn’t even realize when I had it and I feel that actually made me fight it with strength; because I thought it was just a normal cough. After being tested positive I went into isolation. I washed my own dishes inside the bathroom and food was given to me in my room; as I was not supposed to leave the room because that is what isolation and quarantine are all about.

I started taking vitamins, drinking herbal teas and what not because getting corona was a big deal; even scarier when there are elders living with you.

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COVID-19 is dangerous, more than you can ever imagine and is deadly too; if you don’t control it timely or have any disease. Never in my dream would I have ever thought that out of all the people I would get corona. Mostly because there was no chance of getting corona because who gets corona while just sitting at home? It is very important to take care of yourselves and of the people around you; most importantly the elders because they need it the most!

My advice to everyone is that please do not panic, yes, it is ok to be scared of it but panicking will only make things worse for you and make you even sicker. If God forbid you find out, you have corona just isolate yourself and work on your health. Take your vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables and please please stay away from junk food because you need to strengthen your immune system not weaken it more. The most important thing is to stay positive and spread positivity and just pray to God; that this shall too pass.

Only consult a doctor for medications, please. Everyone is asking each other which medicine to take and what not but please please; in this crucial time, only a doctor can help and guide you. People have symptoms but they don’t go for the test because some are just scared what IF they actually have corona. But, if you don’t get tested, you are risking; your own life and the life of your loved ones. Please get tested! Stay safe, stay home, stay HEALTHY!

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