Ex-Wife Reham Khan Takes a Dig on Imran Khan By Saying Marriage is the Only Tabadeeli Pakistan Got to See

Ex-Wife Reham Khan Takes a Dig on Imran Khan By Saying Marriage is the Only Tabadeeli Pakistan Got to See

Pakistanis were thrilled and surprised when years ago, PTI chairman got married to Reham Khan. It was a sudden news, but everyone had the best wishes for the two and indeed, they made a great couple.

However, due to a number of rumored stories, the marriage between Imran Khan and Reham Khan disrupted within months. People spoke severely against the couple, targeting Reham Khan the most. The ex-wife, however, did not back down and stepped in the world of politics.

With doing so, Reham Khan is always in the limelight because of the relationship she shared with the politician and it seems that she likes it this way.

The Former is Often Seen Throwing Shade Towards Former Husband, Despite How Imran Khan Never Comments on her

Even Agrees With the Comments that Go Against the Party

And Here

But these are just limited examples – in a recent video which Reham Khan endorsed, she attacked Imran Khan by saying that the only tabdeeli Pakistani has experienced is the change of wives – marriage!

In a Video She Shared, She Wrote, “Tabdeeli of a Wife is the Only Tabdeeli Pakistan has Seen”

Reham Khan was seen shopping for makeup among the supporters. One of the men in the video shot stated how Pakistan is going through tabdeeli finally and Reham Khan questioned, “Which tabdeeli are you talking about? Change of wife is also a tabdeeli.”

Here’s the link to the video:

And this One Comment States What Reham Khan Should Ideally Do

Well, political differences, Reham Khan is just taking digs at Imran Khan for no reason whatsoever. The former spouses have not been in any recent political face-off either.

And Imran Khan, it feels he really doesn’t wish to exert his attention on the matter that is now in the past.


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