Ex Staff Criticise “Aiman Minal Closet” For Not Paying Its Wages

“Aiman Minal Closet” ex-employee recently posted on social media about their terrible experience working with the celebrity twins Aiman Muneeb and Minal Ahsan. The employee, whose name is kept private, wrote about their trauma in a message that has now gone popular on social media.

Ex Staff Criticise Aiman Minal Closet

The current controversy for Aiman and Minal’s fashion line stems from within their own business, and includes claims of imitating other fashion designers and the sale of badly constructed clothing at a premium price.

The sisters of show business are charged with withholding wages and reportedly treating their workers like slaves.

The message claims that after working at AnM Closet for more than a year, the employee has never gotten their salary on time. This employee is currently due six months of pay. The angry worker further said that the two sisters mistreated everyone and treated their workers like slaves.

Ex Staff Criticise Aiman Minal Closet

The message rapidly went viral on several social networking platforms, inciting fury among online users. Several individuals voiced their support for the former employee and denounced the sisters for their alleged treatment of their personnel.

Showbiz diva powerhouses Minal Ahsan and Aiman Muneeb are incredibly skilled. The well-known twin sisters have been in the business since they were little. With their bright beauty and talent, the two have had a significant impact on the business.

Ex Staff Criticise Aiman Minal Closet

The well-known sister team is not only actresses but also business owners. Aiman and Minal each have their own clothing line. With their enterprise AnM Closet, the two made the most of their enormous celebrity and fortune. The clothing line offers a huge selection of fashionable attire for any individual.

Many media outlets contacted Aiman Khan and Minal Khan for comments as the story spread. The sisters, however, have not addressed the claims made by their former employee.

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