Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the MASSIVE PTI Jalsa From Last Night!

The elections are around the corner and everyone’s talking about it. With the recent developments in the PML-N’s corruption to one of PTI’s biggest names getting na-ehl and MQM and PPP’s losing their edge in the political races, the show is about to begin and last night was just the teaser.

Like every election year, PTI supporters were summoned at Lahore’s iconic Minar-e-Pakistan last night where the party leader Imran Khan addressed the nation for two hours.

Not only did Imran Khan address a full house, but also kept everybody hooked onto their television sets for the time he was addressing the nation. Around 90 thousand to 1 lakh Pakistanis were present at the jalsa last night.

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Amir Liaquat was seen sitting on the jalsa without a chair and it made people feel for him

Some Said He’s Getting the Right Treatment

Sheikh Rasheed’s Swag Was On Point!

As always

And Now Comes the Man of the Moment – Imran Khan!

He Stole the Show for All the Right Reasons – The Youth in the Crowd and Those Watching from Home Couldn’t Get Enough

Imran Khan Stated 11 Points That Shed Light on the Mindset he Wishes to Bring Forward Once he Is Elected

These are the 11 points:

The Massive Turnout Reveals the Faith the Nation has In Imran Khan Now

He Had Extremely Important Points in his Speech

Imran Khan Talking About Women Empowerment Definitely Got the Attention of Pakistani Women

Once again, Imran Khan won the hearts of Pakistanis through his massive speech.

Literally True!

While this jalsa was just the beginning, let’s see how things reform later this year during the election time. Imran Khan being fixated on bringing the change, whereas PMLN continues talking about their disqualifications, let’s see who wins the race this year.


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