Everyone's Favourite Prime Minister is a Computer Genius!

Everyone’s Favourite Prime Minister is a Computer Genius!

Justin Trudeau, also known as The Most Perfect Prime Minister Alive Ever, is a man of many talents.

The Canadian Prime Minister can do it all, from impressive yoga stands

favourite prime minister source: indy100

To balancing babies


And killing it on the dance floor

Will this man ever stop being perfect??

prime minister favouritesource: tumblr

Apparently not!

A reporter jokingly asked him a question about Quantum Computing, thinking that Justin Trudeau wouldn’t be able to answer.

Pffft. Silly reporter!

favourite prime ministersource: tumblr

The superhero PM graciously smiled, laughed a little, and then proceeded to BLOW EVERYONE AWAY.

favourite prime ministersource: yahoo

Quantum Computing has never been more fun to hear about! Watch the full video here:


You keep doing you, Justin Trudeau. You perfect, perfect human.

favourite prime ministersource: tumblr

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