This Guy Shared An Emotional Story Of His Female Friend And Every Parent Should Read It!

Even though we are living in the 21st century, there are people in Pakistan who still live by ancient ideologies. These mindsets, which are especially related to oppressing women present in a household, are hugely practiced and sternly believed upon to be the absolute right ones. Our lifestyles may be getting updated but our minds are not. That is why some of us have failed to realize that societal pressure, and imaginary norms and beliefs are nothing but a cause of headache.

There is this emotional story of a girl that every parent should read, and realize that falling under societal pressure can be a huge mistake:

Here is Usman Ghani, who shares a story he learnt about his classmate:

This particular girl was quite a star 

Healthy university competitions are nothing but motivation for people

To Go For A Job Or Pursue Masters? I guess they figured it out!

As mentioned earlier, this girl is intelligent!


“My parents are too old and scared of me being single,”

Such was her luck…

These type of men are a disease to society

She needs to rise up and stand tall for herself

These men are just cowards who have seen their mothers getting beaten up.

Someone needs to let her parents know about their mistake

Girls, please read this carefully:

Thank you for sharing this story with all of us, Usman Ghani. It will be truly amazing to know that this girl fought back, and is now well-settled and content. Surely, mental and physical torture to women are deeds of wretched and lost souls.

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