Event 201: The Most Serious Conspiracy Theory Regarding Covid-19

Event 201 conspiracy

Social media can your mind toggle on things you don’t need to worry about. Conspiracy theories have been flooding, however, “Event 201” is the most intriguing of them all!

Event 201 the start of World-War III, or not?

A biological war per se, destroying the entire world in 18 months. Statisticians have been making claims that by the end of 2020, 60% of the entire population will have COVID-19!

Three major conspiracies are circulating, which I think should be discussed.

The famous book The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz. In which he mentions a virus called Wuhan-400, which will eradicate the entire world.

Event 201 conspiracy

Source: John Hopkins Center for Health Security

Then, of course, we have the notion that American soldiers brought the virus to China. Although, Donald Trump keeps referring to the virus as Chinese-Virus, which is hilarious till you realize!

However, Event 201 is the most mind-boggling of them all. Can you imagine world leaders meeting to discuss how to prevent a virus outbreak that can kill 65 million people, 3 months prior?

Did you know that Bill Gates predicted that 33 million people can die from Coronavirus in 250 days? Exactly!

In October 2019, Bill Gates and other world leaders (including Whitehouse officials), were part of an event called “Event 201.” Moreover, the event was held by John Hopkins Centre for Health Security.

Bill Gates Event 201

Source: Times

Well-known pharmaceutical giants and Pentagon leaders discussed the effects of a virus that could eliminate 60 million people in 18 months.

Only two people can make such accurate predictions, either Nostradamus or the person who created the virus. Nonetheless, the timing could not more uncanny. 3 months and the coarse of the entire world is shifted.

Nonetheless, a study this expensive must’ve had a sponsor. No individual can do this without a tremendous back; one thing is for sure that either some government of some giant pharmaceutical is involved in the outbreak of COVID-19.

Globalization is the name of Salvation!

Is the US responsible for the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19? Speculations and theories support the fact that the US will benefit from it most.

However, many writers believe that the United States has already found the cure of the virus and is waiting for the fattest bid.

event 201 conspiracy

Source: John Hopkins Center for Health Security

Nonetheless, the lives of innocents are at stake and governments seem to be useless right now. One more thing, event 201 has left a question unanswered; why was the cure not made simultaneously?

In World-War II, whenever the Germans would test a virus or a biological weapon, they would make the anti-dot simultaneously.

Moreover, one thing is for sure, the creator of coronavirus did not create it as an experiment. Being the perfect example of a biological weapon, millions of lives are at risk.

Claims made by John Hopkins professor, that there are more than 500,000 in the US alone is giving people goosebumps.

Anyhow, Event 201, can not be proven since theorists don’t have enough evidence to support their claims.

Let it be a biological weapon, a conspiracy or a solid move to destabilize the world. All we pray for is the innocent lives that will be caught in the middle.

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