Meet Etizaz Mohsin – First Pakistani To Crack Prestigious Cyber-Security Certification OSEE

Etizaz Mohsin

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This story has been submitted by Etizaz Mohsin.

Etizaz Mohsin is a cyber-security expert from Islamabad. He is the first Pakistani ever to crack the toughest IT security certification series by Offensive Security.

Mohsin is among the few in the world to hold the Offensive Security Exploitation Expert (OSEE) certification. The certification can only be achieved by investing time with a will to suffer. Besides, it needs a deep knowledge about the operating system.

Images: Etizaz Mohsin

Mohsin’s major skill lies in low-level software exploitation. He has an interest in both user and kernel mode, vulnerability research, reverse engineering.

He believes in learning from scratch. It includes CPU custom architecture designing and operating system development. Mohsin also knows about computer interpreted programming languages and browser engine development.

He is an active speaker at the global level. Mohsin has been to Defcon Red Team Village, HITCON, Hacktivity, DeepSEC, Sector, Arab Security Conference and BSides, etc.

Offensive Security Exploitation Expert (OSEE)

Offensive Security decided to launch certifications to create a benchmark. It was when the cyber-security industry started emerging globally.

The certification separates a security professional from an amateur. It makes them stand out in a crowd.  Therefore, Offensive Security Certifications are famous. It is a noted testing system in the cyber-security industry.

Their ethos of “Try Harder” places the Offsec certificate holders among the elite group of security professionals. However, a will to suffer is required to clear them. As you can’t buy the Offsec certification, you have to earn it.

Mohsin’s vision is to bring Pakistan’s name among the countries that are leading in the cyber-security field.  Moreover, his desire is to provide ideas to reform the academic curriculum.

Many students choose the cyber-security field as a career. Mohsin’s idea is to help them make their way in the right direction without wasting their time and energy.

Meanwhile, Mohsin’s aim is to make Pakistan a hub of cyber-security. Moreover, he wants Pakistan to lead every initiative that will serve the country in this field.

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