This Guy Thinks Ethics Are No Longer Part Of Society And He Makes So Much Sense!

Society Ethics

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A busy day as usual. Strolling towards the stationery shop in my university to print some invoices for my customer’s order, with the wind brushing my face in these chilly days of winter,  I eyed my environment, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of everything given to us by nature.

Upon my arrival at the stationery shop, I was presented with two rows spread evenly. The first one was an epitome of a dislocated shoulder, with the boys protruding from the left and the right, and trying to copulate with the second row of coeds. I joined the first row adding a limb to their broken structure.

A lifelong wait in the first line propelled me finally to the counter.


As I was about to get my share of conversation with the cashier, a student glided in the line out of nowhere. From a monotonous student hub, the area turned into a Nascar arena.  A little disturbed, I let him pass for empathetic reasons. He finished his printing and called his friend, who filled his boots as he left the site. It reminded me of the monarchs rule and the suitable heirs from the same family tree every single time.

I objected by pointing out his unjust practices. Expecting an apology, I waited. The person turned around, his eyeballs floating in the middle, making him seem like an unconscious individual. This form of appearance meant arrogance in the region to which I belong.

However, my resentment had boiled and would not cool down easily with a mere display of arrogance. After a heated debate focusing on the principle of first come first serve and other ethical standards as discussed by the sociologists from the fathers of sociology, the stationer acted as the kryptonite and weakened our thermal energy fusion reactors. Sadly, the prowler had still not accepted his mistake.

There may have been many reasons.


His family upbringing and ignorance of the members in the society for starters. However, the major discipline issue existed because of his friends, who were close by when this incident took place. He could not become a gentleman around his friends and retreat from the base as a loser. As a Viking he was around his clan, he had to show that he would mold the wrong into right with the help of his chums.

Emile Durkheim’s theory about society and its connection with the individual’s behavior came into play that day as a live example. He was brought up by the society to not to show his loopholes. Sadly, as a student who had studied 14 years of his life had failed to learn the basic principle of life: to form a line.

Even birds and ants make lines and show their singularity. This showed the lack of professionalism and the impatient nature of the majority of these students going to universities for their personal as well as professional upbringing.


That day showed that ethics do not come by education or by the social class you belong to. They are derived from the conscious and the guilt factor we claim as the sixth sense. What we are producing in universities are face-values for the organizations but a junk bond for the society. These type of people are parasites to developing nations as they bring the prototype skyscrapers back to ground zero.

We cannot blame the illiterates for not obeying the law if the so-called “civilized people aka educated individuals” cannot adapt to it.

We cannot blame them for not sticking to the SOP’s of organizations and using mischievous practices to achieve their milestones. They are blind as they have no enlightenment due to their limited exposure to the learning mediums.

However, it is the students like these that receive that learning to brim that void, yet fail to utilize its applicability in their own daily lives. A penny thrown in the river every day would make the river glow. Thus, big things need small steps. Does our society need to amend these social evils prevailing in the society? Wearing the same coats as we do and portraying themselves as a part of our culture, a part of us?


Or are we too concerned to save our dignity by keeping quiet and letting these larvae turn into a mosquito, draining the ethics of the society by creating more larva like him as he expands his tribe? Who is to blame? Society, parents, or the individual himself? And what can we do to amend these minor issues?

Does it all start with a line?

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