“ESport Billion Dollar Gaming Industry” But Why It’s So Popular & Big?

The gaming world is heaven for all the gamers out there. No one expected that the gaming industry would become a such popular one, which encourages youngsters to be a part of it.

In the 21st century, where everything is going digital, the young generation investing their time and money in gaming. Because they know the potential and future of it.

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In gaming, there’s something called “Esport” which is the whole new planet that’s growing bigger and enrolling talented players.

Esport describes the world of competitive gaming where different teams from different leagues compete on a World Esport Championship. Games like FIFA, Fortnite, Dota2, Counter-Strike Go, etc.

Esport surely give players a platform to showcase their gaming skills and prove to the world that they are the best in the world.

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But how it became so popular and became a billion-dollar industry? It has reached beyond the expectations and it’s above any big entertainment industry out there. Even some of the Esport players also earn through different streaming platforms and be known players to the world.

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Esport is the big mega event with tens of thousands of spectators cheering their favorite player and enjoying the intense game.

Even the viewership of Esport has grown more than any other sport currently and competing with sports like NBA, Football, NFL, etc. Looking at the 2021’s status, the worldwide audience of Esport estimated is more than 470 million.

Only in the US, more than 90 million people are occasional and regular viewers of the Esport. Just look at the numbers, it’s serious and highly engaging.

But why do people spend hundreds of dollars to buy a ticket for the Esport event? Why do they watch it? Esport or gaming has a significant market and fans in the world.

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One of the main reasons behind watching Esport events or streams is that it helps gamers to improve their own game and learn new skills.

According to the survey it has been proved that,

“As many as 89% of regular esports viewers are watching streams and events for improvement purposes.”

It has also become a spectator sport because many of the biggest players in the world have built their audience through different streaming platforms.

Esport players have their big fan base and to meet them or watch them playing live makes the fan’s dream come true.

Is It A Billion-Dollar Industry?

Now a billion-dollar question comes up. Who thought a gaming industry will become something that everyone desires to be part of it. No one thought it would become a billion-dollar industry and elite companies will invest in it. For the past years, Esport has seen outstanding growth in terms of viewership and revenue too.

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Viewership does play an important role in generating revenue because viewers invest their time and watch the event which encourages the brands to invest directly or indirectly. In 2021, the global Esport market was valued at over 1.08 billion U.S. dollars an almost 50 percent increase from the previous year.

According to the Newzoo’s since 2016 Esport market has grown rapidly and continued to grow. Last year in 2020, the growth of the viewership didn’t stop with 220.5 million occasional viewers and 215.4 million eSports enthusiasts, a combined eSports audience of 435.9 million.

And it has been expected if this goes in the same way then till 2024, the Esport global market value will rise to 1.62 billion U.S. dollars.

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Talking about revenue Asia and North America currently stays at the largest Esport markets when it comes to generating revenue and China stands alone almost one-fifth of the market.

Esport In Pakistan & Arsalan Ash

In Pakistan Esport industry is just begun, some of the talented players are coming forward and taking part in the tournaments.

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Arsalan Ash the one who showed his incredible Tekken skills who won the world Tekken championship and beaten the best in the Tekken Esport tournament.

Esport is not like any other sport at all. It has gone far beyond the limits and reaching to the next level. Gamers getting golden opportunities to exhibit their skills and be part of the international elite teams.

Esport no doubt is the billion-dollar industry and has more viewership than any other sport too. It has bigger brands and especially gaming franchises highly invest in Esport too.

Follow your gaming passion, enhance your skills and be a part of the Esport the multi-billion dollar industry in the world.

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