This Ertugrul-Style Wedding In Pakistan Is Taking Love For The Kayi Tribe To The Next-Level

ertugrul wedding pakistan

Ever since Ertugrul was introduced to Pakistanis in Ramadan, the show has become an undeniable fever for the masses. Ertugrul, set before the Ottoman dynasty, showcases the rise of Muslims and Islam in the world. The netizens are now implementing an Ertugrul style wedding in Pakistan due to its hype.

Based on Ertugrul Ghazi, the show has become PTV’s most-watched drama and a source of millions of views on Youtube. Now, the Ertugrul fever in Pakistan is going to the next level. After Ertugrul snacks, tv ads, and other things, a Pakistani couple celebrated their wedding in Ertugrul style in Pakistan.

ertugrul theme wedding

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Just as Ertugrul’s Kayi tribe carried out their weddings, this couple from Karachi did just the same. The signature ‘Allah o Akbar’ style circling before the couple. Men with swords and shields standing in line before the couple walks gives shades of a very Ertugrul-ish wedding.

Even though there are laughs in the background, the friends of the groom create a very special environment for the couple. Fighting each other with swords, while swaying side to side.

WATCH: Special Ertugrul-style wedding in Karachi

Bride and Groom Entry in #ErtugrulGhazi style

#ErtugrulGhazi craz in Pakistan ❤ Groom's friends and cousins arranged welcome of Bride and Groom in Kayi Tribe's style ❤Video by Eyewood – Films & Photo

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In the background, Ertugrul’s thematic music plays constantly making the scene more realistic. The chanting, which included: “Kya Farhan apni wife ko khush rakh paega? And Kya Farhan ne kisi ka dil dukhaya?” made the scene even more memorable.

This Ertugrul favor might have gone a little low, but definitely the Ertugrul style has not got out of Pakistanis and their systems. The couple, Farhan and Tahoora, then slowly walk amidst swords and the grooms’ friends showcasing an Ertgrul style wedding. The scene looks very surreal and on top of everything, very innovative.

There are rumors that Ertugrul Ghazi, Engin Duzyatan, might be coming to Pakistan very soon. Imagine, if the Pakistani audience manages to get a ‘meet and greet’ session with Engin, many dreams will become a reality.

This is not the first time that Pakistanis have opted for a themed wedding. From PUBG to Game of Thrones, the wedding themes have always existed up for exhibition in Pakistan. We wish the couple the best of luck for their future.

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