WATCH: Pakistani Ertugrul Teaching Karachiites ‘How To Behave’ In This Funny Video

Ertugrul teaching karachiites behave

The Ertugrul fever is still on in Pakistan and people can’t get over the famous Turkish series. The series depicts the 13th-century Muslim Oghuz Turk leader, Ertugrul, his life and his experiences. It has taken Pakistan by storm. Also, the star cast of the drama has been immensely loved by the Pakistani audience. Now we have a Pakistani Ertugrul teaching Karachiites how to behave and it’s a must watch.

The series consists of hardcore battle scenes, and the people of all ages love Ertugrul . The way of greeting each other in the series with the heads bow down and hand on the heart and a ‘Bey’ has become most popular.

However, Pakistanis are known for their wit and a great sense of humor. Where Ertugrul is getting popular among masses, some Pakistanis have come up with an interesting idea of giving good life lessons with the help of Pakistani Ertugrul. Our Ertugrul can be seen teaching Karachiites some lessons in a recent video.

Our very own Pakistani Ertugrul teaching Karachiites!

Pakistan has its own Ertugrul,  yes you heard it right! Mustafa Hanif amazingly resembles the Turkish actor. The craze of the show has now brought the spotlight on a doppelganger of the show’s leading role on social media. Hanif is a YouTuber and lives in Karachi.

Apparently, our Ertugrul has shot a video where he can be seen teaching lessons to Karachiites on how to behave. The video is funny but gives a good message to the people of Karachi.

Ertugrul in KARACHI (Pakistan) | ایک دن کا ارتغرل#KayiLovers The Fun Fin ?

Gepostet von Kayi Lovers am Samstag, 8. August 2020

In an interview with Dialogue Pakistan earlier, Hanif said, “Many people in my office had watched Ertugrul before it even came into Pakistan. I was often told that I resemble the lead character of the serial. I never paid much heed to it. Then when my own family started watching the show and said the same. I was also perplexed when I saw the drama”.

This recent discovery has resulted in getting him more attention with the video of teaching Karachiites how to behave. He currently works at a private company but seems like due to his uncanny resemblance to Ertugrul actor he might be getting more acting roles.

Turkish drama shot to massive fame in Pakistan. To the extent that a renowned Sindhi channel is coming up with its own Pakistani version of Diriliş: Ertuğrul.  Also, its female lead actor Esra Bilgic is touching new heights of fame in Pakistan. She has already bagged many big brand endorsements in Pakistan.


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