Engin Altan (Ertugrul Ghazi) Might Be Coming To Pakistan On 18th August

engin ertugrul pakistan

The famous Turkish drama series Ertugrul Ghazi is becoming a never-ending fad in Pakistan. As a matter of fact, Pakistanis are in love with the show and the great portrayal of Ertugrul an Islamic Turkish leader. In line with that, both starring celebrities of the show Esra Bilgic and Engin Altan have managed to grab a global fanbase, especially in Pakistan!

Pakistanis are so much in love with the cast of Ertugrul that we have branded the entire show as a part of our lives. From Ertugrul fireworks to Ertugrul snacks, we have them all. In fact, the love from Pakistan for these Turkish stars is also well-received and even Esra Bilgic and Engin Altan return the love by sharing their vote of thanks and appreciation for our country.

engin ertugrul pakistan

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As a matter of fact, Bilgic has also made it to Pakistan and is also hunted by Pakistani brands. Recently, she was seen as a brand ambassador for Jazz 4G and Qmobile Pakistan!

engin ertugrul pakistan

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Now to our surprise, things are about to turn in our favor as another Turkish star is about to come to Pakistan! That too in just two days. And right after his queen (in the show), Engin Altan announces that he will be visiting Pakistan on the 18th of August 2020. And it is like a dream come true for Pakistanis!

Both Esra and Engin have shared their love and appreciation for Pakistan in the past which makes us adore them even more. As a matter of fact, both stars even wished us on Independence day 

Engin Altan a.k.a Ertugrul is coming to Pakistan!

In an online video, the star Engin Altan addresses Pakistan and tells his fans that he will be visiting us soon on 18th August 2020. Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself. We know exciting, isn’t it?

Not only are we excited to meet him, but we also wonder will we be actually getting Turkish stars working in the Pakistani entertainment industry? How cool will that be? Most importantly, perhaps that will allow us to send a stronger collaboration; and a more positive image about Pakistan throughout the globe.

This isn’t the first time Engin Altan is making rounds in the news. The famous Dilirus Ertugrul playing star is also considered as the brand ambassador for Peshawar Zalmi for PSL!

engin ertugrul pakistan

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All in all, we can’t wait to see these stars coming to Pakistan and entertain and make us swoon with their talent. The show is without a doubt incredible and we surely hope never to miss another episode of the brave and wise monarch!

We are truly glad to see how the Turkish and Pakistani relations have been positively glowing. In fact, their collaboration is increasing day by day! Above all, we are completely overwhelmed with how amazing these stars have shared the same level of love with us. We wish Engin Altan the best of luck and we can’t wait to see them in Pakistan real soon!

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