After Halima Sultan, Ertugrul Is Being Questioned For Being A Muslim

Ever since the Turkish Drama Ertugrul has hit the Pakistan Television screens, it has become a new obsession of Pakistanis. They have been digging every detail about the drama, cast and the storyline. Especially, the lead actors have become a new social media sensation in Pakistan.

Recently, bold pictures of Halima Sultan [Esra Bilgic] on Instagram raised many eyebrows. Now, Ertugrul Ghazi [Engin Altan Duzyatan] has been facing backlash for posing with his pet dog.

Some people feel that as a Muslim, he shouldn’t have a dog as a pet. The actor is portraying the role of a Muslim hero who fights for his people and religion. Now, people are relating the real life of the actor with his on-screen character.

Ertugrul with his pet dog

The actor loves his pet dog and often seen sharing pictures with him. However, since the actor gained popularity with his drama series Ertugrul, he has been in content limelight. Majorly, the actor has gained a lot of fan following with his good looks and intense dialogues delivery in the popular Turkish drama.

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Moreover, there are hundreds of similar comments on every picture of Halima Sultan [Esra Bilgic] on her Instagram. The actress played the role of a modest Turkish woman, who is not just a good woman, but a great warrior as well. But, her actual life seems to be a bit different from her reel-life, which brought some severe backlash for the actress.

Still, the lead cast of the drama has been loved by the larger audience. They have been trending across the country from the past few days.

The moral Pakistani police kept on forgetting that people on the screen have also have a REAL life too. Ertugrul Ghazi, after all, is a TV show and the characters in it have real lives too which is actually who they truly are.


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