Tayyip Erdogan Opens the Modern Turkish State’s First New Church

Tayyip Erdogan Opens the Modern Turkish State's First New Church

A few days ago, Turkey went through a very disastrous earthquake. A magnitude-7.5 earthquake followed a devastating earthquake in southeast Turkey, also causing damage in northern Syria. Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets predicts the Turkey and Syria earthquakes.

As a result of the earthquake, many houses, mosques, churches, and other constructions were damaged.

Turkish State: First New Church

President Tayyip Erdogan, on Sunday, inaugurated the first church built with government backing in overwhelming Muslim Turkiye’s 100-year history as a post-Ottoman state media agency. Anadolu, reports.

Field Marshal Mustafa Kemal Ataturk established a staunchly secular republic, and he has consistently argued that he was merely restoring the rights of devout Muslims.

Erdogan laid the first stone for the church’s construction in Istanbul’s 17000-strong Assyrian population in 2019.

Erdogan said, “We are seeing big problems today across many parts of the world”, as the all-out war increased between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza.

“But the solidarity shown here today, I find it very important”, We always must oppress against the oppressor.

Erdogan said on Sunday that 20 existing churches had been repaired since his Islamic-rooted party came to power.

Christianity in Assyria dates back to communities that lived in the first century AD in southern Turkiye, Syria, and Iraq. Its main church moved from the Turkish city of Mardin to Damascus in 1932.

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