'Sirf Chaar Halqe Kholdo' - Epic Meme Game On US Polls In Pakistan & They Just Too Funny

‘Sirf Chaar Halqe Kholdo’ – Epic Meme Game On US Polls In Pakistan & They Just Too Funny

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President Donald Trump prematurely claimed victory – at a point when many votes in key states were yet to be counted in the US election and made unproven claims about voter fraud. The US Election 2020 results have started to roll in what may be the most ‘historic’ election in America’s recent history. Meanwhile, social media users continue flooding Twitter with memes prior to the election results.

People all around the world, including Pakistan, have their eyes set on the results of the election. Today on November 4, with the gradual unveiling of vote counts, the hashtags #ElectionDay2020 and #Elections2020 have been trending on Twitter. 

In eager TV coverage, political analysts lay out predictions, while the world watches, glued to its television sets. As of now, Trump and Joe Biden’s fight to secure the position of the US President of the United States has turned into a neck-to-neck fight.

While anxious netizens expressing their worry, Pakistanis have made the US election the butt of all election jokes in the form of hilarious memes. Plenty of users are sharing jokes and memes amid the US Election 2020.

Here are some of the best examples from the meme fest on Twitter that you may enjoy.

Check them out:

LOL! We sure do have some meme masters.

A day after the voting closed in the US, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is inching towards a victory. With 264 projected Electoral College votes, Biden needs just six more to win the race to the White House

Meanwhile, Trump, who is leading the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia, currently has 214 electoral votes, according to AP’s projected tally.

In addition to this, the counting of mail-in votes and early votes has meant the entire nation and world have had to wait much longer for the result of the US presidential election.

Trump on Wednesday falsely claimed that he won the US election with millions of votes still uncounted. The claim came after his Democratic rival, Biden, said he was confident to win a contest.

Earlier, Trump asserted that he wants to have good relations with Pakistan. And has time after a time said it as well. Meanwhile, Pakistani actor Shahroz Sabzwari also wants Trump for the second term. Let’s see who becomes the president of the US this time. Can’t wait!

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