Eoin Morgan Saying ‘Allah Was With Us’ On Winning The Cricket World Cup Has Definitely Won The Hearts Of Many!

Cricket World Cup 2019 has come to an end and England scored a dramatic win against New Zealand becoming this year’s World Cup Champions. The match that started with England’s batting line collapsing to dragging it to the super over and then lifting the World Cup, it was indeed a sight to see. The drama, the tension, and twists definitely kept everyone at the edge of their seats. All in all, it was a great final.

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Can’t ignore New Zealand’s immense efforts. The pressure they built on the English team deserves appreciation. It was really a heartbreaking thing to see the Kiwis cry after losing the game. Kane Williamson has been a great captain throughout this year’s World Cup for New Zealand. Kiwis making their way to the finals would not have been possible without this passionate cricketer.

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This picture of Kane Williamson breaking down after the loss is extremely heartwrenching!

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Well, at the post-match press conference, England’s captain Eoin Morgan was asked about the intense game to which he gave a beautiful reply. No point scoring or attention seeking, just a natural answer to what he thought was true and right; that is embracing the diversity England’s team possesses.

“We Had Allah With Us”

A reporter asked him if Eoin thinks he had the Irish luck with them, to which he replied: “We had Allah with us too”. This shows how mindful the captain is about the diversity existing in his team and made sure to include it and not crediting Irishness entirely for the win.

Eoin Winning Hearts With His Answer: 

This is indeed big news. 

“Worth reflecting just how this team is a brilliant example of a multicultural Britain, its diversity is its greatest strength.”

Ahsan Iqbal impressed to the point that he wishes Eoin to become UK’s Prime Minister. Lol 

We are a diverse side and we brought that together today!

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Bonus: ICC welcoming Eoin Morgan and Team to the winning club!

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From cheering for their favorites to supporting the least favorites, this World Cup season served quite as a treat for the cricket fans. Both the finalist teams were amazing throughout the tournament and deserve applause.

Congratulations England. You have been great New Zealand!

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