Comprehensive Guide: How To Prepare For An Entry Test

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So you have probably given your Intermediate Board exams, or you are done with your A ‘levels. After finishing off with your college’s sophomore year, you might be breathing a sigh of relief. And if you are thinking that now you are going to enjoy the summers, watch hell lots of seasons, play loads of games that you have been waiting for months to have your hands on, or are you planning for a travelling tour; then I must say you are probably the “fool of the lot”.

Because here comes probably the biggest challenge of your entire academic life, and I won’t be wrong if I say that your entire career foundation rests on these 2-3 months of your hard work. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting you to the Entry Tests!

I am not here to actually horrify you of what’s coming! I am here to give you a bunch of tips that did help me achieve what many of you might want to. Alhamdullilah I got admissions in all the top universities of Pakistan i-e GIKI (MECH. Engg), NUST(MECH. Engg), PIEAS (ELECT. Engg) and UET Peshawar (MECH. Engg). Here are some tips.

1) Summarizing:


If you have already read the entire 6 books i-e 1st and 2nd Year versions of Physics, Maths, and Chemistry; it is now the time to actually start summarizing them into short main points. Go through the entire text, look for the main points and start jotting them down on a piece of paper. Be it a formula, an important definition or a concept, some conversions or a significant reaction; just note them down. This will make sure that your entire two years knowledge is being shortened to 5-8 pages and will thus help you easily go through it.

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2) Practicing:

Source: NEJM Knowledge+

You will need to practice a lot of MCQ’s, and when I say a lot, I actually mean hundreds of MCQ’s! Buy some good MCQ’s book from the market and just start doing them. Believe me, the more you practice, the more you will learn ways to solve different questions.

3) Utilizing Social Network:

Source: Entrepreneur Handbook

So, if you are a fan of social networking like me, you have to use this as your source of knowledge as well. There are lots of “Entry Tests Groups” that have thousands of students like you ready to take on the entry tests. So join such groups, this will help you in many ways like asking a question, answering a question, a good discussion on a specific question etc.

4) Managing Your Day:

Source: Entrepreneur Handbook

This is the time of your life when each and every second is important. So you don’t have to waste this precious time you have got and have to utilize it to the fullest. An example of this is, if you are taking a break for a cup of tea, just don’t entirely focus on the tea, but instead take any MCQ book that you have and start solving it. Believe me, it helps!

5) Coordinating with a friend:

Source: Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz

Probably you will have many friends like you preparing day and night as well. I strongly recommend you to team up with them. Practice MCQ’s together, discuss important concepts together. It will help you acquire many different approaches towards a problem.

6) Believing in Yourself:

Source: Thought Catalog

This is one of the most important things while taking on the entry tests. You have to believe in your abilities and capabilities that you can do this! Stay strong through this entire venture, have faith in the Almighty and believe that you can!

So this was all from my side. Don’t rush, just work smart; have faith in the Almighty and InshaAllah you can make yourself and your parents proud! All the best. May Allah help you.

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