Here’s How Entrepreneurs in Pakistan Are Set to Turn Their Dreams into a Reality

The free market in Pakistan is booming with startups and businesses that have changed our lives forever. One can tap the potential and come across inspiring prototypes that just require the right investment.

Most of the startups and established ventures in Pakistan are aimed towards providing the local community effective solutions for everyday life affairs. Uber Pakistan is one that continues to change our lives… But that’s not all that it aims for…

Calling out all aspiring entrepreneurs, imagine pitching your business idea in an Uber riding with a mentor/investor.


It became a reality for some, because:

Uber Pakistan introduced a unique way to support aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan

The ride-hailing company introduced a unique way for entrepreneurs to pitch their startup ideas to mentors. UberPITCH is a dedicated campaign designed to support Pakistan’s entrepreneurial eco-system.


How has it helped entrepreneurs achieve their objectives?

UberPITCH granted an opportunity to selected riders to pitch their startup ideas to mentors in a span of 840 seconds. Yes, that is 14 minutes complete!

Joining hands with ArabNet, Uber Pakistan brought a lifetime opportunity for our local entrepreneurs through the UberPITCH. The ride-hailing giant especially brought investors on board for this purpose.


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Back in September, the interested startups signed up for the application process for UberPITCH. The finalists were given a “promo code” that they used to unlock the UberPITCH view in their smartphone Uber application. The promo code allowed them to book a ride between 11 am – 3 pm PST (Pakistan Standard Time) on 7th of October, 2017. It was available in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and received a monumental response.

All they had were 840 seconds…

UberPITCH – Khurram Zafar with Shoaib from Repairwala startup

An investor or mentor picked them up for a 14-minute (840 seconds) ride. Finalists made their startup pitch in the first 7 minutes of the journey, and the remaining 7 minutes were down to the mentors to provide their feedback on the ideas.

This wasn’t an Uber ride they would normally have!

It was an opportunity. It was their chance to make it. It was handed to them in all effort to facilitate them. With a touch of a button, those 840 seconds (14 minutes) will change lives including ours forever in the coming future. I MEAN, WHO DOES THAT?

Source: Tenor

So, who are having their dreams come true?

Keep an eye on the following week as the winners of the UberPITCH will be announced then. The winners will be connected to some of the region’s top investors.

Here’s the list of the mentors that took part in UberPITCH:

  • Shehriar Ashraf (Gulf Minerals)
  • Usman Mirza (Lackson Investment) in Karachi
  • Abid Malik (Indus Ventures)
  • Khurram Zafar (LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship)
  • Arzish Aza, (Startup Grind, Islamabad) in Lahore
  • Aban Haq (Karandaaz)
  • Anusheh Ashraf (Invest2Innovate)
  • Rabeel Warraich (Sarmayacar) in Islamabad

Uber Pakistan realizes the innovative potential prevailing in the Pakistani market, which is why it created a unique support system to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a ledge, a hand to climb up the ladder and make it big.

It’s going to be exciting to find out whose idea stands out. We would like to wish them a best of luck. Let’s find out next week.

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