33-Year-Old Atif, A Young Entrepreneur From Lahore Found New Avenues With Daraz!

“A small business can take care of generations,” says Atif Riaz, a 33-year-old from Arifwala, who now lives in Lahore.

Atif is one of many businessmen in Pakistan who have successfully bridged the gap between physical stores and e-commerce. Originally an accountant, Atif started a small kid’s apparel business a few years ago in Lahore.

Initially, Atif would buy products from wholesalers, dealing with them directly. However, over time, he has altered his business model. He created a digital footprint for himself by setting up an online store on Daraz https://www.daraz.pk/ the leading online marketplace in Pakistan.

“After I joined Daraz, my sales increased and I decided to continue my online business alongside my offline business,” he says.

After setting up his e-commerce retail shop, Atif stopped procuring products from wholesalers. Now, he produces clothes himself in a rented cottage industry. The reason for doing this: he can ensure the quality of his products are good and the prices are low.

Chota karobar, bari soch; Atif runs a small kids apparel business but aims big.

Atif Riaz, a young and motivated seller from Lahore shares his story and vision to make kids apparel affordable in Pakistan.

Gepostet von Daraz Sellers am Samstag, 31. August 2019

Atif’s advice to youngsters in the country is simple: instead of getting a job, they should establish their own enterprises. “A job takes care of a family, a small business can take care of generations.”

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