Engro Shuts Karachi Office After Employee Gets Infected With Coronavirus

engro shuts karachi office coronavirus

The novel Coronavirus continues to infect people. Recent reports tell that the Engro corporation has closed offices located in The Harbor Front (THF) building in Karachi after one of their employees gets diagnosed with the COVID-19.

Engro closes its office in Karachi after an employee becomes Coronavirus positive!

engro shuts karachi office coronavirus


Engro corp shuts its Karachi offices!

Precisely, on Tuesday Engro Corporation issued their statement on closing their offices. According to the authorities, the offices in the harbor front building, Karachi are temporarily closed for 3 days, after one of their employees was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

However, the business will resume on 16th March Monday. Engro suggests the practice as a precautionary measure, following, suggestions from the doctors and health specialists.

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The employee worked on the 8th floor of the office building and was present at the office for a few hours on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Apart from this, the organization also highlights the employees to observe the work-from-home strategy. Nonetheless, the employees will go through screening for any infection, once they return to resume work.

Following, Engro advises its employees to monitor their health over the next two weeks, and if they feel any flu-like symptoms, they must immediately report to the concerned doctors.

engro shuts karachi office coronavirus


Updates regarding the infected ones!

Recent updates indicate that the Sindh Health Department confirms eight new victims in Sindh, Karachi. So far, there are 15 cases that are hailing from Sindh, and a total of 18 in Pakistan.

Addressing the issue, the media coordinator for the Sindh Health Department wrote: “The first case is from Hyderabad & the patient arrived from Syria via Doha. Following, the second case is from Karachi & the patient arrived from Iran via Dubai. Indeed, this brings the total number of cases to 15 in Sindh.

engro shuts karachi office coronavirus

Daily Times

Importantly, on 8th March, a fourth patient with the novel Coronavirus in the city of Karachi was successfully treated. Special Assistant on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza says that:  “A patient from Karachi, tested COVIDー19 positive today. Undoubtedly, the quarantine of all contacts has taken place. This is the 7th case in Pakistan, 1 has already recovered & discharged & another one is ready to be discharged. Particularly, If we all act responsibly we can avoid Coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.” Amidst all the chaos, Dr. Zafar Mirza provides assurance to the locals, on the health authorities trying to curb the situation.

On the contrary, the world also sees remarkable strives done to find a cure for infected patients. For starters, Thailand proved itself triumphant in discovering the medication to fight the novel virus. According to their health specialists, the medication is a drug cocktail, comprising of HIV and flu medications.

Particularly, the Thai doctors tested the medication on a 70-year-old Chinese woman. Within a time frame of 48-hours, the patient’s health started to improve substantially.

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