Reasons Why English Should Be Chosen As A Major Subject|

Here Are All The Reasons Why English Should Be Chosen As A Major Subject

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Whenever the word literature comes into our minds, we directly connect it to something that is in written form. If we talk about English literature or Linguistics, we can’t deny this fact that they are an essential part of our society.

English is an international language, and it is spoken all over the world. Whenever you go to any place of the world if you can’t speak their native language you can speak English, so that you can communicate effectively.

Source: World Bank Group

Besides communication, English can lead you to many excellent professional jobs. You can go to the media field or in any educational institute, you can be a translator or lexicographer or content writer, it depends upon which type of job do you like.

There are two subjects, literature which we have been hearing since our childhood days and second is linguistics which is somehow new to many people. Linguistics means language, if someone doesn’t know the language, then how would he communicate, how would he deliver his thinking to others.

So both subjects are really essential and in my opinion, both are something we do when we are really passionate. People call it a status that someone does masters in English and you can do it freely.

CSS exam is the most competitive exam of Pakistan, and English is really helpful for them who want to pass this exam because in the previous years whoever couldn’t pass was failed in English actually. Since it is a demand of our society, we must have a concern about English.

You can deliver your ideas through this. You can be an author and can promote yourself as well as your country through your writing. Ambassador job can be done through English degree, there are many universities in Pakistan where this degree is provided but it really depends upon you what you want to become.

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