“Happiness & Sadness At Euro 2020” England Through The Finals

England has done it, no one expected that Gareth Southgate’s side would ever reach the finals of Euro 2020. England has beaten Denmark in the second semi-finals of the Euro 2020 to fight for the Euro against the Italian giants.

Denmark did everything to secure its position, but the outcome wasn’t in its favor. The way they had played throughout the tournament no doubt it was marvelous, putting every ounce of their spirit in it and created ways towards the semi-final stage.

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Both of the teams gathered at the Wembley stadium, where both teams’ fans were chanting their team’s names and enjoying the Euro fest.

Finally England through the Finals

The way the match began it looked like Denmark would surely beat England because England didn’t showcase the actual performance that they had shown in their previous matches.

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Denmark dominated throughout the match, even they had broken the deal earlier in the 30th minute when Mikkel Damsgard picked the sweet spot and took a tremendous freekick that stunned everyone in the stadium.

There it was, Denmark was flying with confidence but right after the 9th minute, England got the golden opportunity in which Denmark conceded an own goal by Simon Kjaer the captain.

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It was the only goal England had put in their basket for the entire 90minutes. Kasper Schmeichel was surely a man of the match, the way he did goalkeeping it was unexpected he was stood like a giant wall in front of the English players.

But during extra time in the 104th minute, England got the controversial and ridiculous penalty where Schmeichel saved to Harry Kane’s penalty but the ball got to rebound and Harry Kane tucked the ball in the net and scored to give his side a big lead.

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After the match, a big conspiracy appeared, that while Harry Kane taking the penalty someone from the crowd pointed laser light on Kasper’s face.

It’s a big win for England since 1966, they have reached the finals of any international major tournament and created history like never before. None of the previous England squads have been able to reach the finals, especially in the Euro.

The day before Italy thrashed Spain in the penalties and secured their position for the Euro 2020 finals.

Gareth Southgate “Pleased”

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Talking to the ITV England Head Coach Gareth Southgate said, “We’ve managed to put that right,”

“I’m so proud of the players. It’s an incredible occasion to be a part of. We knew it wouldn’t be straightforward.

“When you’ve waited as long as we have to get through a semi-final, the players – considering the limited international experience some of them have – have done an incredible job.”

“The most pleasing thing is we’ve given the fans and nation a fantastic night and the journey carries on for another four days,” “We know the size of the task, we know they have those two warriors at the back who have seen all this before,” he said.

“But what a brilliant moment for us. Let’s savor tonight then we can think about that on the coach back.”

Kasper Hjulmand’s Classy Message

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Instead of getting frustrated and angry over his side’s defeat Denmark’s head Coach, Kasper Hjulmand gave a classy message to Gareth Southgate.

“I want to congratulate my colleague Gareth. I followed what the FA has done and how he works with the young players, gets involved, and how he behaves with the values he has.”

“How he represents and communicates is outstanding. Congratulations Gareth, you are doing a great job in a difficult job.”

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“It was a penalty which should not have been a penalty. It is something that annoys me right now. We are very disappointed,”

“You cannot pass by the ball on the pitch which has so much influence on the game.

“I know it sounds weird right now but I cannot help having these feelings. One thing is to lose a game, it happens, but losing this way is disappointing because these guys have fought a lot.”

“The way we lost makes it harder to understand why we lost. I have to be careful with what I say. We have an amazing group and we definitely can do something great again.

“Maybe it is easier for me to say how I feel in a few days.”

Now England is ready for the Roberto Mancini’s warriors and believes it or not it’s going to be the most intense finals of all time.

Because both of the teams worked hard, beaten every strong team in the tournament, and came this far. Both of them are hungry for the Euro 2020 title and for they might surely give everything to win.

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