Kashif Zameer Claims Engin Altan Will Be Visiting Pakistan Again In 3 Days

Kashif Zameer Claims Engin Altan Will Be Visiting Pakistan Again In 3 Days

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Sialkot-based businessman Mian Kashif Zameer is back with a bang! Engin Altan Duzyatan’s Pakistani host is now claiming that the Diriliş: Ertuğrul star will be visiting Pakistan again in three days.

Zameer, the blonde-haired host, was seen everywhere from the Turkish star’s press conference to the snippets of him online last year. Later it was revealed that the very same man was booked in around eight cases previously.

“Get ready for the Engin Kashif friendship blast,” said Kashif in his new Instagram post.

Details revealed by Punjab Police said these cases included fraud, betrayal of trust, car theft, and robbery. Zameer was also briefly arrested after the Turkish star’s visit.

However, Zameer rejected all the reports as fake. Zameer had invited Duzyatan to Lahore in December 2020. As per, Zameer, he had shared that he met Duzyatan, and locked the deal in Turkey.

Meanwhile, in another Instagram post, Zameer said that haters will be silenced soon once he and Duzyatan are seen together.

Zameer had said that some people were jealous of him as he had brought Duzyatan to Pakistan. Meanwhile, It was earlier rumored that Duzyatan has canceled his contract worth $1 million with Zameer’s Chaudhry Textiles. But Zameer said he will be back in Pakistan this month.

Anyway, let’s see if the famous Turkish actor comes to Pakistan again! As Duzyatan has not yet confirmed his visit. Let’s wait and watch!

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