Iqra Aziz’s Official ‘Engagement’ Picture Is Raising Many Eyebrows And Everyone Seems Utterly Confused!

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s chronicles continue on as they have become the most talked-about couple of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. From their picturesque vacations together to a sizzling-hot photoshoot, these love birds don’t seem to be slowing down. Their recent grand engagement at the Lux Style Awards became the highlight of the entire evening taking the internet by storm.

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Their journey together has been witnessed by the entire country garnering much criticism. Considering our awaam would be at anyone’s throat over the smallest of matter. In their case, their PDA at the LSA where Yasir hugged and kissed Iqra repeatedly was met with severe hate from the moral brigade. Not only that, several remarked upon the proposal as “staged” and “scripted”, however, Iqra clapped back with an Instagram post but on a sweeter note.

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While the entire buzz died down over the days and we didn’t see much of them in the news, either together or separately (excluding the hot post-engagement photoshoot), Iqra’s sister unknowingly spilled the tea on their engagement that is now being speculated to have taken place way back in February.

Sidra Aziz Posted A Picture Of Iqra Aziz Sharing A Heartfelt Message On Her Being Engaged That Sorta Backfired! 

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Now that the dust has settled and I am done with exams, let me put this out there as to how happy I am for you. You have always been my bacha, my sister and the one I will move worlds for if possible. I know I am not there with you since 4 years, be it your birthdays or this day. But I want you to know how excited, happy and overwhelmed I am for this phase of your life. You are an amazing daughter, sister and I am sure great fiancé too. I have met only one more pure-hearted woman than you, that is our mom. I read too many a things online about the proposal, about all the religious debate, moral debate and somewhere ethical too. I know how all of that has taken us aback and how we moved ahead despite of all the unnecessary discussions. Yasir, you are an amazing person and I am happy that you both take care of each other this well. I hope God blesses you both with the best adventures, exciting life and loving memories for this phase that is ahead of you both. My suggestion to you both is, there are fights and then there are battles. We choose our battles and not the meagre fights and we choose our battles wisely and fight for them. May you both help each other grow more and better. Baki, kuch tau log kahenge, Logun ka kaam hai kehna. Love and blessings to you both, and as Mom says, hamarey ghar ki tau pehli khushi hai.

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This picture shows a happy couple in the midst of a private ceremony that according to the post above has been cleared to be their official engagement event. However, Iqra posted a picture of herself in the same dress and hairdo back in February. This has everyone pulling a classic Sherlock or that would be too classy for Pakistanis at this point; becoming “Phoppos” who don’t know how to mind their own business would be an apt description.

Everyone wants Iqra to come clean with the real date! 

Coming full-circle are we? LSA being a drama then and a drama now! 

Yasir is currently busy with a play where he has to stay clean shaved and everyone was quick to catch on to this fact that turns the table on this couple solidifying everyone’s doubts of them faking their proposal. 

Iqra’s sister has definitely placed Iqra and Yasir in a tough spot. If the grand LSA proposal did turn out to be a complete sham, that would really hurt their credibilities as actors, individuals, influencers and last but not the least, as much-loved celebrities of Pakistan.

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