Oh, No Emirates! Famous Airline Leaves A Pakistani Stranded In Brazil Without Luggage

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When it comes to traveling a series of difficulties and risks are involved. From booking a flight to getting all the required documents, the entire gist of traveling isn’t as easy as it may sound. In addition, most people in Pakistan prefer to book Emirates for traveling abroad, provided their luxurious and comfortable service. However, this time, Emirates ended up in hot water after leaving a Pakistani passenger stranded in Brazil!

Emirates managed to fight the vile COVID-19 test and International flights resumed like before. Although this foreign flight is famous for its best service, it left us all completely shocked to learn about their poor management. And the difficulties this man had to go through.

What actually happened?

Apparently, Talha Yasin a traveler who was on the flight was asked to take a COVID-19 test before boarding the flight. After his test results showed negative. He was given a boarding pass. Just as they reached Sao Paulo’s airport, their test results expired and they were told to retake them.

In addition, he was told that an Emirates representative will guide him for the future procedure and he must get another COVID-19 testing done at his own expenses. But no one contacted him nor does he know anyone in Brazil to whom he could contact.

The man adds that there is no terminal or office of Emirates at Sao Paulo airport. They didn’t have food, clothing, or shelter.

He takes to Twitter and other social media to share his disregard and remorse over the negligence.

The worst part of the situation is there is also a communication barrier, due to which Yasin and his family members are unaware of where to start.

Stranded with no luggage – Yasin pleads for assistance

In addition, there is also the issue of their luggage going missing. Since Yasin and his family had bookings of two flights from Emirates their luggage is still in Santiago, whereas they are stuck at Sao Paulo.

The only assistance provided to them by Emirates was a call that informed them that they will be given their luggage if they talk to Latam.

The treatment of repatriates is indeed saddening.  We hope this family and any other Pakistani stranded aborad is rescued soon and is free from getting in any more trouble.

Yasin adds that no one is even picking up their calls from Latam and now they’re only hope is from God to help them. He pleads and asks for different journalists and media news channels to provide him coverage and also to make sure that his family and he gets the justice they deserve.


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