Here’s how Embracing Islam Changed the Life of Ayesha Siddiqa

Being the second most popular religion in the world, Islam claims to be the religion which is the true way to God. And, before embracing it, one needs to look into it with a cautious mind and the right intentions. In fact, every religion requires that with a lot of understanding.

Here’s a story of a girl who’s based in Sharjah, UAE. Ayesha Siddiqa, a 29-year-old Indian, embraced Islam three years ago in the month of Ramadan. And, this decision of her’s, changed her life forever. Ayesha practiced fasting for the first time just out of love and curiosity along with her Muslim friends.


Ayesha shares a spiritual bond with the month of Ramadan, and here’s how she feels about it,

Ramadan is very special for me because it was the first thing that attracted me to Islam. I was staying here with my friends and when Ramadan arrived, I saw them eating early in the morning, fasting all day, praying, and then ending fast together in the evening. I liked the practice so much that I decided to fast with them.

Ayesha with her husband, Muhammed Umer

Ayesha after embracing Islam

Source: KhaleejTimes

Love for Islam took roots in my heart during this holy month four years ago. Although I began fasting with my roomies, I had not yet embraced Islam. This is my third Ramadan as a Muslim, Alhamdulillah”, says Ayesha, after spending her 3rd Ramadan.

Embracing Islam required a few mandatory changes, which she has proudly adjusted to. But, Ramadan specifically brings spiritual changes in her. She says:

My priorities change during the holy month. All I focus on is supplicating and staying connected to the Quran and Allah. I read once that during this holy month, Allah is more merciful and is generous in forgiving people, therefore, I make the most of this month.

Ayesha’s faith had strengthened when her prayers got answered, one after the other. She says,

Trust me, the holy month of Ramadan is surely a month of getting your prayers answered. One time I asked God to normalize circumstances at home (family) after I broke the news of me becoming a Muslim to my family in India. And God took care of it. Another time, I asked Allah for a devout Muslim husband and Alhamdulillah, I got it.

Before the Holy month approached, Ayesha and her husband Mohammed Umer had planned their marriage accordingly so they could spend a more meaningful Ramadan together.

Nationality is not a barrier between the two, although Ayesha is an Indian and her husband, Umer, is a Pakistani. She says,

Muslims are Muslims anywhere around the globe.

Embracing Islam has truly strengthened her faith as well. Masha’Allah!

May Allah make it easier for all those who have embraced it and who are planning to embrace it. Ameen!

Source: Khaleej Times

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