Eman Suleman & Husband’s PDA In Hunza Sets Internet On Fire – Model’s Reply To Haters Is Epic

Eman Suleman Giving A Savage Comeback To Haters For Her PDA Is All You Need To Read Today!

Oh, the moral policing in Pakistan is never-ending! PDA is a big NO NO even when it comes to married couples in Pakistan. You can piss in public but not kiss in public. God forbid if you do kiss in public, you put shame to the ‘Islamic State of Pakistan’. So this time, the trolls, who apparently have nothing better to do, pour scorn on the model Eman Suleman for having a moment of affection with her husband, in Hunza. 

The couple has been on a getaway to Hunza for Eman’s birthday and have been sharing their vacation with their friends and fan on social media. And while people have been loving the cute pictures, one picture in particular has had the internet going nuts!

Eman shared a picture from their vacation where both can be seen showing a little public display of affection and fans are torn over it.

Reminder to all: This is a married couple.


Sadly, the moral police are more rattled by an affectionate married man than they are of abusive husbands. How disturbing is it that our society is more tolerant of men abusing their wives than showing them affection?

And this is hardly anything new; the same happened when the Canadian YouTuber Zaid Ali kissed his wife on the cheek. Also, remember when Yasir Hussain gave Iqra Aziz a hug and kiss on the cheek right he proposed at the Lux Style Awards and everybody lost it?

Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Is PDA between a married couple a crime? Well, it definitely seems so in Pakistan! You know, these are the kind of acts that result in earthquakes and tsunamis. Forget the various crimes against women in society, it is a peck that will lead to Pakistan’s ultimate destruction.

It is to be noted that Eman, mentioned in her Instagram post that her husband is kissing her on the nose with the caption: “Pahaar, pyaar, pappi (on the nose so chill).”

Despite clarifying that it is a mere kiss on the nose, the prying social media users found a way to nitpick on the picture.

But our bold and vocal feminist is not the one to stay quiet. The model enjoyed the backlash and responded to the troll with humor.

Source: Instagram

Such a befitting reply by Eman! Don’t you agree? Well, do share with us in the comments below!

Anyhow, we can only hope that our people grow up, and stop being so nosy. Sending the happily married couple good vibes and lots of nazar repellent!

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