Elon Musk’s Lie Detector Question for Job Interview

Elon Musk's Lie Detector Question for Job Interview

In a summit held in Dubai, dating back to 2017 Elon Musk was asked what the questions he asked from candidates in interviews.

Musk largely lies on his gut feeling but he does ask them a few simple questions:

“I say tell me the story of your life and the decisions you made along the way and why you made them.” Moving on from the introductory part he pushes questions on decision making “Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them.” The question renders to the genuine experience of a candidate with articulation. The candidate who lies doesn’t bother with the details of their problems.

“The people who really solved the problem know exactly how they solved it. They know and can describe the little details.” That is what Musk believes.

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Decoding Musk’s method takes us to understand how honesty prevails over lies. There can be exceptions such as undermined confidence but perhaps Musk uncovers that point in his introductory stages.

Research suggests an innocent person can be understood with his verbal cues. At times when a person lies depiction is more demanding than truth-telling.

So an interviewer should not just consider the details of a decision making by a candidate but how they respond to its details.

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